Thursday, April 25, 2013

Diet Foods For Fast Weight Loss

the topic of discussion at this time about whatever the hell the food can to diet/slimming fast our bodies? well let's see here about the food needs to be in consumption.

Diet is the sum of food consumed by a person, therefore we have to adjust our diet foods such as, for example:

1. Apple
Consuming apples as food to your diet in losing weight, Apple has substances that are useful for your body. Apple turns to fills your stomach faster so it can hold off hunger. Apple as diet foods you can consume in the morning when you breakfast or even you can consume as snacks during the day. Substances contained in Apple's own can absorb fat more quickly.

2. bell peppers
Vegetables such as Peppers or other green vegetables have a function to speed up the metabolism. The existence of paprika are very rarely found in Indonesian makes these vegetables consumed in the community. Start getting used to consume these peppers as a diet food menu for your weight loss program.

3. whole wheat
Wheat germ contains vitamin B3, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin E and fiber that can meet the needs of your nutrition. Besides Cereals wheat is also good for your diet food menu.

4. nuts
This very popular food for vegetarians. Beans Legumes contain phosphorus, B vitamins, copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc, and folat. Nuts are the food for a healthy diet that is highly recommended because it is able to meet the energy needs for the activity.

5. the avocado.
Avocado fruit contains natural fats, unsaturated fats that can replace your daily fat requirements without having to eat rice or meat. In addition, the avocado can also fills our stomach with the cockpit did not eat the rice.

6. Broccoli
Broccoli contains potassium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin d. May for some people don't like to eat broccoli, but If in view of their subjects is broccoli you need to consider as your healthy diet food menu. and it's good Don't cooking it too long so that the nutrient content found in broccoli is not lost.

The intake of nutrients

Weight loss can be derived easily by limiting the intake of nutrients. Multiplier for energy that is generally accepted by many people is the following: 1 gram carbohydrates produce 4 kcal, 1 g protein 4 kcal, and 1 gram of fat 9 kcal. By summing the values for BMR calorie needs per activity, one can easily predict the results of his diet.

If incoming calories > calories out, then the rest of the calories will be stored in the body.

If calories in calories out, then < saving calories (FAT) will be used to cover the deficit of energy.

Calories in calories is derived from food and calories out is the need for calorie BMR calorie plus per activity.

For example, a person weighing 70 kg, has a large energy required for Basal Metabolism Range of 1,450 kcal. In one day, and he did the following activity:

Running (normal) with a speed of 3 km/h with a total of 3.5 hours (480 kcal).
He also swims (normal) with a speed of 20 m/min (alternating with the normal speed) the total time of 1 hour (275 kcal).

That day, he was taking following meals (the amount of calories that are listed in the menu is approximate. The actual condition is very dependent on the amount of food and the way of processing, for example, the sandwich will have lower calorie when the bagel replaced with whole wheat bread, or full cream milk with skim milk):

Breakfast, 07.00 (Total 650 kcal)

Sandwich meat, mayonaize, cheese (500 kcal)
Full Cream milk (150 kcal)

Lunch, 12 pm (Total 1800 kcal)

Rice (200 kcal)
Orange juice without sugar (50 kcal)

Dinner, 7: 00 pm (a Total of 1530 kcal)

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