Thursday, April 25, 2013

How To Work Out Without A Lot Of Effort

Average people are still lazy to exercise to ensure good health until old age. For those of you who have ' allergic ' to exercise, here we list a few ways for you to remain fit without having to to the gym and wearing sports shoes! We call it ' exercise without a lot of effort '.

When Looking At The Mirror Every Morning

According to an orthopedic surgeon, Michael Shepard recommend that you change the way you stand when facing the mirror in the morning. Pull the shoulder into to get good posture and a little raise your head facing up on the Chin when you stand upright in front of the mirror. This not only reduces back pain but also able to avoid when you become your age woman with rose.

When Brushing Teeth

If you often just stand upright when brushing teeth, what a beginning from today you practice exercise while doing it. According to the founder of Nashville Fitness, Irv Rubenstein, if you do squat slowly during the cleansing of teeth, it can increase strength and reduce the risk of knee arthritis when you are over the age even if you just do only six to eight times.

While washing dishes

Each time you are washing dishes, try standing with one leg only. This way to consolidate the control of the nerves around the ankles,
knees and hips that can help you maintain the support leg during their daily activities. It also helps you understand the stability of his own body.

While At Work

We understand you too much work in your Office, but never forget to take 6 of each hour you facing computer. If lazy to walk, take the time to do stretching. Straight hand forward parallel to the floor and Rift right. Do this rotation and Rift right one your finger. This is important to prevent you from accidentally rheumatism.

When talking on the phone

Make a phone call as an excuse for you to move. Put the cell phone away with you so you can get it when the phone rang. Or you can talk while walking from the lounge in bed we get together on the phone. This indirectly makes you more active throughout the day.

We Watch Television

The size of your thigh muscles shrinking in line with increasing age. So even though some are able to slow down the mobility process. If you are watching television, every time an ad is aired, try to raise your leg as high as possible or least up to 45 degrees from the floor by using the strength of the thigh. Do least 10 times each time an ad is aired.

When Shopping

On the other hand wherever you go, try to put the car away from the entrance to encourage you walk a little more than usual. If you are buying daily goods, supermarkets are trying to bring all the plastic of your car without the use of your cart. It can act as a functional strengthening muscles you when you do this subconsciously.

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