Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guide to Know what Kind of Flowers

Flowers that brighten the corner of the garden is usually a variety of colors, sizes and shapes as well highlight the distinctive character.

Identify the type of flower is young, such as thorny roses there are also species with more or less the same.

Here are some smart steps to identify the type of flowers:

step 1

- Find a thorn in the flower stems as they between key indicators especially roses.

step 2

- Calculate the total number of flower petals and only time that has a large petal like lilies.

- Identify petals while many petals form round or triangle.

- The lily has cup-shaped petals.

step 3

- Examine patterns of flower petals.

- Orchid has a bright color petals in the middle and dark around the edges.

step 4

- Identify the position of interest.

- Roses and tulip flowers located on the trunk itself.

- Orchids are usually attached to thin stems branched away from the main stem.

step 5

- Consider the size of the flower.

- Large sunflower while small jasmine flowers.

step 6

- Identify the flower texture.

- Among those who have a fine texture is ginger flower

step 7

- Identify the stigma.

- The sunflower has a flat stigma.

step 8

- Calculate the number of flower buds.

- Lotus has some bright color bud.

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