Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Benefits Of Chocolate For Beauty Skin

The use of chocolate as an ingredient of beauty may still strangers among us, but the beauty therapy actually has many benefits not only to the skin on the face or even the entire body.

This is because Brown is an antioxidant that protects skin from damage caused by exposure to the Sun or other environmental elements.

Refuting the so-called myth it makes the skin more easily acne, Brown on the other hand are classified as healthy food because of the high antioxidant value content to it.

Interestingly, Brown has that can soften the skin as it is rich in cocoa butter which is often also included in body lotions and cosmetics on the market.

Moisturizing power available to it is said to be able to reduce fine lines and prevents free radical damage collagen and elastin content, protein deficiency in the skin.

It is also able to remove dead skin cells and help stimulate the growth of new cells.
When the chocolate has been diluted to be applied to the skin and left on for a while before washing, it makes the skin feel moist and suitable effective facial moisturizer.

In addition to the spread of materials-based nutrition, chocolate also can help keep the collagen and fight the damage caused by the Sun's rays as it is rich in nutrients good i.e. flavanoid.

The use of Brown as a beauty treatment was new and started realizing modern society that is becoming increasingly sensitive to the beauty of the material nature and ready to try new things.

Seeing the benefits, it's no wonder when more and more beauty spa using chocolate as one of the popular skin treatment materials.

The use of Brown as a beauty recipes for healthy skin and bone can try anyone at home without having to produce large expenses. They make their own chocolate develops with oil for removing dead skin cells. It can be produced by means of heat sugar in coconut oil then add the cocoa powder when it is still hot. Enter also the Oatmeal powder so that it has a gross texture that can be used as develops.

All the material is cool the skin with rubbed at Citadel to clean the body of dead skin cells and climb.

For the preparation of chocolate, face powder can be combined with green tea because both have high antioxidants that are good for the skin.

It can be produced by mixing cocoa, honey and milk cream until well blended and rub it on the skin. Leave for 10 minutes before washing with warm water.

A combination of cocoa, honey and almond oil are added to concentrated and rubbed on skin and the body able to help make the skin softer and Radiant series.

Chocolate Shower Gel can also be generated on your own by way of empty gelatin with boiling up shampoo well before both cocoa powder or cocoa oil added to the fuel. Then, cool in the refrigerator for four hours before use.

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